Jennifer Reddy Vancouver School Board Trustee

Our Public Education System - help make it better as a VSB student! 


Our Public Education System - help make it better as a VSB parent, educator, or community member! 


About Jennifer Reddy

I am one of your nine Trustees at the Vancouver School Board I support the passions, skills and desires of young learners. These are some of the key issues that need to be considered: 

Education is in transition. 

Our cities are changing, so are our schools, we need to look more carefully at the impacts on students when the struggle of evictions, unstable housing, and parents juggling multiple jobs are becoming more common. 

Schools need to be safe and welcoming for all students. 

Bullying, racism and discrimination surface in many ways in our schools. We need to support educators and students to respond with confidence. We need adequate resources and support in order to ensure educators and students are equipped to prevent these issues. Only then can we begin to move towards equitable access to education and learning experiences for our students that we can be proud of because they are high quality, consistent and accessible.  

Read the OneCity Sanctuary Schools Policy Brief

Student diversity is a reality. 

Adequate linguistic and cultural support are needed to support the over 120 languages spoken by VSB students. Add to this multiple learning needs, social and economic differences, accessibility considerations and a myriad of other factors, and the picture of the student as an individual with intersecting identities becomes more complete.



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