39 Reasons: No Name

A normal day coasting through the halls, greeting kids as they rush around me laughing and shouting, filling the building like rays of sun through dense forest

A caring colleague pulls me aside to ask me if I could offer advice as she tries to help a young boy register for school 

I find a young leader in one of our schools, one that could welcome this new student to the school, introduce them to new friends, offer a tour and even cultural and language support

A few weeks had passed and I asked about the young boy only to find that he had become homeless and was too scared

Too scared of what? 

I lean in to find out through her whispers that this young person is alone, unaccompanied, and without any documentation 

Just 15 and homeless, wanting to go to school, but hearing that he is not safe accessing education

He never showed

Fear of disclosing status

Fear of school 


Fear of school

The warm feeling of sun rays bursting through a dense forest close in bringing darkness

I recognized that at a public education centre I could not guarantee this young boy's safety and therefore access to education and the supports that are connected within it

I still think about him, the no-name boy and others like him that will remain nameless unless we can take a stand to ensure that Vancouver Schools are Sanctuary Schools where all kids are safe to learn.