39Reasons: Reason#24 D

This story is among the #39Reasons I am running as a Trustee for Vancouver School Board (VSB). This story is based on my conversations with community members.

It was getting colder, as I reached down to zip up my jacket, she appeared 

She stood tall and straight even though she was a 1/2 foot shorter than me, she had a presence

I asked her if she's voting on the 20th, she exclaimed, "you bet I am" 

I told her I was running and that after working at the board and sitting through some recent meetings, I was looking forward to serving our community by protecting our public school lands and protecting the rights of children in school 

She told me about her ancestral land in central Canada and how she access to less and less of it

As a child of the sixties scoop she shared the atrocities she experienced getting lost within the system 

She asked where her rights were as a child, where her protection was when her rights were violated 

She said that even after all of that, she will be voting as she always does because she knows the system can be better 

She told me how she fought to wear regalia at her graduation 

She told me how for orange shirt day she creates her own shirts 

D reminded me how powerful inaction is and how equally powerful each and every vote is 

I can't wait to see you at the advance polls and on October 20th

Find out how to vote, bring your family, friends, and neighbours - let's do this together 


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