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YOU ASKED - What is the role of the Trustee? 

The role of the Trustee is to contribute to the Board as it carries out its legislated mandate. The oath of
office taken by each Trustee when he or she assumes office binds that person to work diligently and
faithfully in the cause of public education. A Trustee must first and foremost be concerned with the
interests of the school Board. Read More HERE

The mission of the Vancouver School Board is:

To enable students to reach their intellectual, social, aesthetic and physical potential in challenging and stimulating settings which reflect the worth of each individual and promote mutual respect, cooperation and social responsibility.

YOU ASKED - What is the District's Anti-Racism Policy? 

The District has a Non-Discrimination Policy which can be found HERE

YOU ASKED - What is with all the acronyms? 

Yes, I will work on using plain language, thank you for the reminder. 



I am pleased to be your Chair of the: 


The purpose of the Student Learning and Well-Being Committee is to review student learning and well-being indicators, and where warranted, provide recommendations to the Board. The four trustee members of the Committee and stakeholder representatives work together to review key documents supporting the Education agenda including the Strategic Planning Accountability Report, the Student Learning Accountability Report and the Student Well-Being Accountability Report.

In addition, I am pleased to be  your Trustee Liaison for:

University Hill Secondary and University Hill and Norma Rose Point Elementary Schools


Templeton Secondary and Franklin, Garibaldi, Hastings, Lord, Xpey’, Nelson, and Tillicum Elementary Schools

Find out who your Trustee is HERE

Finally, I will be your Trustee Liaison for the following: 

Indigenous Education Committee (AEEAI&M)

Children, Youth and Families Advisory Committee

The English Language Learning (ELL) Consortium is an advocacy group of Trustees and staff from a variety of districts who work in the area of ELL. The group aims to bring attention and support to immigrant and refuge students and their families including the protection of Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS), Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC), and the varied levels of support for newcomers such as those in the Skilled Labour class.

Find out who your Trustee Liaison for Administrative and External Committees is HERE

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