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Indigenous Education - Process Matters 

My very first smudge with District Vice Principal Chas Desjarlais was grounding and thought-provoking. A strong case for the power of public education when considering the impact of 7 generations of residential schools and the role of public education today and into the future. As Trustees, we play a critical role in Kwayeskastasowin (Koy-As-Kas-Tah-Soh-Win), setting things right when there has been a break in relations. We must focus on the process as it is the key to how we move forward. 

#7, #10 and #62 Calls to Action are a great place to align any of our actions and plans. I look forward to exercising this responsibility as a part of the Indigenous Education work at the VSB. 

Warm Welcomes at Templeton 

I was invited to Templeton Secondary (one of my liaison schools) and was greeted by a caring and creative school of administrators, teachers, support workers, and students from a variety of backgrounds. A library bustling with spaces for everyone including a Makers Studio for students to work on any projects, 33% female-identifying students in STEM programming, and a lunch-hour student forum on safe use of technology - this school is inspiring and I am proud to be a part of the community. 

ELL Consortium 

ELL stands for English Language Learning. Due to the passion and interest of ELL educators in Metro Vancouver, this Consortium gathers to share challenges and solutions to meeting the complex needs and strengths of ELL students. What kind of support is available in K-12 and later in Adult Education? What support is needed? Schools are sometimes the only connection point for newcomers, how are we welcoming and settling newcomers? ELL learners have similar needs to children their age including a desire to feel safe, belong, connect, play, develop skills, however, some ELL learners face unique challenges as well. 

Contact Your Trustees!

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your hopes and challenges within public education. The plate of public education is full and the good news is that you have a highly capable team of educators that are creative and thoughtful.

Because you reached out, we were able to discuss the VSB's anti-racism policy at the last Student Learning & Well-Being Committee. It was decided that stakeholders including union representatives engage their members in a discussion about what we want to know more about when it comes to anti-racism resources in the district. Stay tuned for more details! You can see the discussion by CLICKING HERE

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